Library Renovation

Hey, I could have sworn I posted photos of our library renovation, but I can't find them on my blog. Since I know y'all like libraries, here's a peek. It's not done, but it's getting there...

All draped for building of the bookcases. The elephant curtains from Pier 1, the pierced metal chandelier was passed along (free!) from our contractor, from a homeowner who was taking it out in favor of more expensive lighting.

We built in the arches, and I loves them. Little library lights from Restoration Hardware. Wall paint is Benjamin Moore's Linen White, and the bookshelf paint is BM Raisin Torte.

We had the rug already; Kevin found it on eBay. Long-term, I'm hoping to build in window seats under those windows, if budget allows; it's not a huge room, and it'd help to have some more seating for kids at least. Storage windowboxes would be ideal, if possible. The fireplace needs retiling -- the tile is here, and we're just waiting for our contractor to be free.

That chair has already moved out of there, down to the living room. We're having a hard time figuring out what to do with furniture in the room.

Kevin leans towards putting a table in the center, with comfy chairs for gaming at. I lean towards a loveseat up against the bookshelves (far enough away that you can step behind to get books, ideally on casters for ease of rolling about), and maybe a small game table and facing comfy chairs on the other side of the room. Budget doesn't allow for furniture-buying yet, so we can keep arguing about it for a while.

The stained glass window is original, and I love it. :-)

These shelves are totally full of books now! But I don't have a photo of them.

This is the wider bookshelf. It holds a lot of books. :-)

Gold-framed mirror from IKEA, lighting from We Got Lights. We use that as a nightlight, so the kids can find their way to us in the dark.

I love this Ingrid Kallick print, which I picked up at WisCon. It sort of looks like a fancy version of our library. :-)

This was my idea, to have the carpenter shape the trim in this way; it echoes the trim on our oak kitchen island.

I really like the way it came out; lends a more organic, finished look to the shelves. And that's all for now -- more soon. :-)

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