Can I just say, in case…

Can I just say, in case anyone was wondering, I really appreciate being invited to contribute to anthologies and magazines? My life is so hectic these days that it's hard for me to find space to generate short pieces, rather than the longer projects I've been working on. But I love doing shorter work, and when I get an invite, I usually try to write something for it, even if the pay is minimal. (Unless I'm super-frantic-behind.) Even if they don't take the piece, just the invitation means that I've now written something and have a piece I probably wouldn't have written otherwise. Which is awesome. I was churning through backlogged e-mail (down to 527 messages) this morning, and discovered an invite, sent in October, to an anthology with a deadline of March 31st. So that's what I'm doing this afternoon, drafting the essay to send them. Eight days isn't a lot of time, but it's enough for me to draft and do a few revisions. So I'm just saying yes, if you like my work, invite me to contribute, please. :-) Best to send such things to my main address,

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