Sometimes when I prep…

Sometimes when I prep for a reading, I end up revising. Okay, often. I just added a new paragraph, and I'm not sure if it will stay in the final draft. It was in my mind from that video I posted (yesterday), about the women in Sri Lanka, after the war. Sometimes I'm not sure how I will ever finish this book; it seems like there is always more to add, more to learn about the conflict, more layers to take it deeper.

"If my family had stayed here, if I had grown up on this island, I would never have met a man like Kevin. I would have had an arranged marriage, like my parents before me, and theirs before them, and so on and so on, back as far as anyone can remember. The Tamils have been on this island for two thousand years, and as far as we know, in all that time, everyone in my family has had an arranged marriage. If I had stayed in the north, I and my husband and my children would have been drawn into the war. He, and my sons, would have been drafted by the Tigers, might well be dead by now. I would be left a widow, and alone, like so many in the north, desperately trying to provide for myself and my daughters. Selling whatever I had worth bargaining with."

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