Bird and Egg March…

Bird and Egg March Brunch

The kids were deeply intrigued by the mac-and-cheese muffins. :-)

Okay, this one was super-easy. There are a lot of recipes for making bunny buns online, but they all involve real baking. I was curious whether Pillsbury crescent rolls would work. Well, you have to be willing to SEE the bunny in the bun. But Kavi recognized them without me telling her, so I'm going to call it a win.

Kavi was a little scared to taste the pistachio cake, but I convinced her it would be yummy. Anand had no hesitation diving into the green batter (more green in real life than it looks in this photo), which perhaps doesn't bode well for his future health. I can just pick him in college, pulling something dubious from the back of the fridge and devouring it...

Mac-and-cheese bites in cupcake liners. Appearance: A. Taste: B. They're okay, but could be much yummier with some amending, I think. So if anyone's tempted to try this, you might want to experiment some first. :-)

All right, I'll grant you, the food coloring makes these devilled eggs slightly scary. :-) Next year, if I start earlier, I'd probably use natural dyes (like beets or red onion skin, etc) for a less frightening appearance. And of course, I know some people try to avoid artificial food coloring. On the other hand, that just means more devilled eggs for me...

The finished pistachio cake looked very pretty, but the taste was meh. You could barely taste the pistachio. Christina brought a lemon cake with lemon glaze that was MUCH tastier. As much as I love the Irish and St. Patrick's Day, I'm not sure I'm going to bother making pistachio cake again, unless someone can tell me how to make it much tastier. (Someone on Facebook recommended rosewater and chopped unsalted pistachios -- worth a try!) But as I said, it did look lovely.

I love these little bunny ear clips. :-) I think I found them at Michael's.

Anand's bunny mask slays me. From Michael's.

I am inordinately pleased by my new Easter shirt. It has bunnies! I blame Jason and Simone for the cleavage shot -- Jason for taking it, and Simone for egging him on. I just wanted you to see the detail of the bunnies, I swear. :-) (Shirt by Target, purchased yesterday. :-)

Kavya's contribution to the spring decor -- my dad got her a book full of stained glass birds for coloring, and we have several of these up in the front room windows. Very cheering and springy. :-)

At first I was bummed that I was so slow on starting our paperwhites this year, but now I'm happy to still have some in March. New goldfish! (Just here for a bit until they move outside.) Bunnies in old-fashioned outfits are some of my favorite spring decor. :-) I have a hard time resisting the urge to fill my house with bunnies in March. Bunnies!

The Whole Foods spicy guac was devoured, per usual. (Ditto the Trader Joe's regular, which is mild enough to put it out for the kids.) The little mac and cheese things, on the other hand, weren't as popular as I expected. Interested...

These got slightly overcooked -- I wish I'd pulled them out two minutes earlier, so the tips would have stayed green, and the shallots wouldn't have charred so much. But they tasted GORGEOUS. 20 minutes @ 450, tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh thyme. Recipe here.

We've had this tree for a while; this year I added the glass eggs, the little ceramic birds (both from Pier 1, I think), and the felted eggs (Target).

I love this. Muscari, planted in a mossy pot, with a bit more moss to cover. There's still snow on the ground outside, but in my dining room, it's spring. :-)

Michael's had a cute pack of bunny masks with markers -- the kids weren't as intrigued as I expected (though they LOVED decorating their foam eggs), but Jason and I had fun making ours. But now I can't get that damn song out of my head...

The crocuses and hyacinths are starting to push their way up outside -- just green tips so far, but it's cheering -- and the snow is finally melting. Happy spring, everyone!

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