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I think one of the hardest things for me, personally, about trying to avoid white bread / rice / etc. is that I'm so habituated to having curries with a white starch. In a typical week, at least half of my breakfasts would have been leftover rice and curry, with at least half of that meal being white rice. I'm eating more red rice now, but I still don't like it as well -- it's not appealing, esp. in the morning, when my stomach is only half awake. So I've been eating more white-people-food (as I often call it) for breakfast; eggs and the like. And it's fine, but it's...missing something.

For example, this morning, I made scrambled eggs for me and the kids, and I was starting to eat mine with a few slices of leftover steak from last night, and it was just sad. Unappealing. I knew I needed the protein, esp. after yesterday's weight-lifting workout, but I was forcing myself to eat it because it was good for me. This is entirely antithetical to my way of being -- food should be a pleasure, a delight, not a chore!

Thankfully, I suddenly remembered that sometime last year, I was making myself breakfast tortillas with eggs, cheese, and MD sauce. MD sauce is a Sri Lankan thing -- essentially a green chili sauce, but tangy, due to a goodly amount of vinegar. I had some whole wheat tortillas I could have used, but I thought it might work just as well to just use a fork to dip the eggs and steak into the spicy sauce.

My dears, it was AWESOME. Especially with a little shredded cheese mixed in with the still-warm eggs (would have been even better if I'd cooked the cheese into the eggs -- next time). I devoured the rest of my plate, very happily, and now I'm following that up with a cup of hot milk tea. Mmm.... I'm going to cut up an apple in a bit, and that's going to be a fabulous breakfast.

It takes a little thinking about it, and a good dose of chili, not to mention way more utilizing a fork than I'm used to (instead of just picking up the food with my fingers, either mixed with rice or wrapped in bread) -- but I think I can make this diet work for me. Happily, even. :-)

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