Whoa. Did a workout…

Whoa. Did a workout with a trainer today (part of the free set given with gym sign-up), and I thought it was hard but not too hard, but then I did the grocery shopping, and then I came home, and then I ATE ALL THE THINGS. It was if my reverse-lunged thighs were suddenly screaming at me that they needed food, esp. protein, STAT. First some blueberries, and then some fresh mozzarella, while I was waiting for Kev to finish cooking dinner. Then some spicy hummus and fresh bell pepper, ditto waiting. Then lemon asparagus, fresh out of the broiler, picked out with my fingers from the dish because I couldn't wait for a plate or a fork or the steak that was supposed to accompany it. Then the steak. Then some more steak on a slice of multigrain bread with horseradish and mayo. Then some dried mango for dessert. All accompanied with lots of water, and now my stomach is aching a bit, but my thighs have finally quieted down. Hm. This regular exercise-thing may take some getting used to.

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