I have discovered a…

I have discovered a small hole
in my favorite socks,
the grey socks, dressed with tiny
orange flowers, green leaves and stems;
their like will not come again.

I know what you will say
buy two pairs next time
buy three, or four, or five;
when you find something tiny
and perfect, always buy a spare.

But here is the truth, my dears,
my darlings. You can never buy
as many perfect grey socks
as your heart desires. In the end,
entropy always wins, the universe
spinning down in its final dance.

All we can do is cherish the socks
worn and tired, fraying and perfect;
all we can do is love them
with every beat of a reckless heart.

2 thoughts on “I have discovered a…”

  1. Our woolen friends have seen their final day.
    Their padded bottoms eased our daily travels.
    But now their very form begins to fray;
    Their very shape and purpose to unravel.

    Should we allow our passions to be swayed
    by faithful old companions such as these?
    And anthromorphic statements to be made
    Concerning socks that brought us warmth and ease?

    Were they alive? We cannot surely say.
    Such certainty is not ours to control.
    But know one thing this melancholy day.
    Our woven fellow travelers had a sole.

  2. Of course if we wre to eat more whole grains we wouldn’t have to put back some of the vitamins we took out. 🙂

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