I’m finding that a…

I'm finding that a little planning ahead really helps with avoiding a) white stuff, and b) boredom. So for example, earlier this week, I grilled a bag of shrimp -- just salt and pepper generously, toss in a bit of olive oil, and grill quickly on the stovetop (in my trusty grill pan, which I love for winter). I ate half a dozen right away, and then stored the rest in the fridge. Similarly, sauteed a pint of mushrooms to eat with eggs on Sunday; we ate half then, stored the rest. Which then made it really easy to make myself a shrimp, mushroom, feta omelette this morning -- about five minutes, start to finish, which is manageable even on a school morning. If only I'd had a little fresh spinach to toss in too, it would have been perfect. Finished up with a handful of blueberries and a big mug of tea. Yumyum.

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