A while back, my doctor…

A while back, my doctor raised my synthroid to 200 mcg. My new doctor (who I like much better and trust a lot more) tested my bloodwork, and thinks that's much too high and is dropping me down to 150. I'm a little concerned that I'm going to start getting colder and tireder and gain weight again, as you do when you're hypothyroid.

On the other hand, Kevin has been saying that I seem weirdly anxious lately, and that could definitely be from having too much thyroid hormone in my system. And of course, running 'hot' (being hyperthyroid) is bad for your heart, so I have to listen to the doctor on this one. Maybe this explains why my chest feels like it's racing when I work out.

Sigh. Hashimoto's thyroiditis is a relatively innocuous chronic disease -- if you have to get one, this isn't a bad one to get. Still, pain in the butt.

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