Tried a yoga class at…

Tried a yoga class at new gym. Wow, it's way busier in the evening; I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Also a lot more guys, percentage-wise, ditto shouldn't be surprised. I am feeling somewhat not buff enough for this place, but am trying to remind myself that buff is what I am aiming for in a few months, not what I should be able to do when I walk in.

The yoga class was a mellow hour (what they call core yoga: "taught in a flow style and focuses on using postures to build strength and balance in the back muscles, the abdominals and the glutes", but I am out of practice enough that I felt queasy by the end of the hour. Still, felt good to stretch out all those neglected muscles.

Tomorrow is my fitness assessment (cardio, weights, etc.); the membership comes with that and three follow-up personal trainer sessions, which I'm looking forward to. Right now, I'm all fired up -- we'll see if it lasts.

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