I’m making fried…

I'm making fried eggplant sambol. I used to not like eggplant -- I used to loathe it, in fact. But this recipe converted me; I adore it.

Slice two small eggplants thinly, rub with 2 t. salt and 2 t. turmeric, put in a bowl and leave for at least an hour. Drain off liquid and dry eggplant on paper towels. Fry in hot oil and drain on paper towels. Mix with 3 green seeded and chopped chilies, 2 small finely sliced onions, lemon juice to taste, and 3 T thick coconut milk. Recipe courtesy Charmaine Solomon's truly wonderful Complete Asian Cookbook -- EVERYTHING I've made from this book has come out delicious. And I've made a lot.


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  1. This sounds wonderful. I love eggplant, but I hjave stopped eating it, since it does not agree with my stomach at all. I have no idea why, since none of the other nightshade vegetables cause me any problems. I wonder if the tumeric would solve the digestive issue??

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