is having a writing date…

is having a writing date with Dan -- motivating. Working on a piece about monsters and gender:

"Grendel�s mother might have been a monster, but at least she was a good mother. When her son was killed, she didn�t hesitate, didn�t think about her own safety, her own needs. No, she hurled herself at Heorot, where mead-sodden men were easy prey for her broken-hearted rage. It is unclear, according to the scholars, whether she was a monster at all. While some argue that she is descended from Cain, one of the monsters and giants of the Cain Tradition, others point out that while "agl�c-wif" can be translated as: "wretch, or monster of a woman,� "agl�ca/�gl�ca" is translated as "warrior, hero" when referring to Beowulf. Does that imply that Grendel�s mother is only monstrous inasmuch as she is female, that if she were a man, her actions wouldn�t be monstrous at all? That seems a bit unfair, but on the other hand, isn�t monstrosity, and heroism, in the eye of the beholder? Doesn�t it depend on which side of the battle you stand? And is the work the same work, if it�s done by a woman, or a man?"

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  1. This is a fascinating post. Thank you for it!

    It is one of those rare times I wish I had studied literature instead of mathematics. But only for a moment, of course.

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