Breakfast, Valentine’s…

Breakfast, Valentine's Day 2013

They are getting accomplished at posing when told to 'look cute!' Kavi was very excited to wear the shirt she stencilled to school today (she laid it out last Monday for Valentine's Day).

Pancake heart doilies. I think I saw these in Martha Stewart? Relatively easy if you put the pancake batter in a squeeze bottle, although I did find that it helped to have a skewer to keep poking the top of the bottle, because I think the heat from the pan would cook the batter in the tip partway through squeezing. The batter is actually leftover from the weekend's batch of pancakes -- we used about half of it, and I stored the other half in the squeeze bottle, with this in mind. Having the batter made already helped a lot with getting pancakes made on a school day!

It's also easy to write things with a squeeze bottle, although I completely failed to get that up off the pan in one piece! I did better writing their initials later -- single letters are much easier to flip. :-)

I sincerely believe that heart-shaped cookie cutters may be a parent's best friend. Pancake, ham, bananas, all cut with a gradated set of plastic cutters, which I think I picked up for two bucks at Michael's last year. My breakfast, of course, was composed of all the leftover scraps. Yum. :-)

The children are goofballs; see them feigning excitement for the camera here! But they actually were excited -- a few bites in, Kavya proclaimed quite decisively, "Mommy, you're the best mommy ever." Hopefully that will hold me through her teenage years when she's cursing my name and proclaiming that I don't UNDERSTAND her!

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