I’m just sad today. …

I'm just sad today. It's making me slow. Kavi missed the bus because I couldn't find Anand's shoes in time, so she and I walked him to school and then we came back and then I drove her to school, which cost me half an hour, but it doesn't even matter because I'm too sad to focus on work, or even clean up the party mess. I have to shower. And make up a quiz on Passage to India, and print it. At 9:30, I have to leave for campus and teach two classes, and then meet with students for an hour, and then I'll be home by 2, and I have so much e-mail and other work to do, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do it today. Nothing is critically urgent, thankfully. Kavi comes home at 3:15. If any local friends want to come hang out for a bit this afternoon, with or without children, drop me a line. I probably won't weep all over you; I'm not really weepy. Just down. I might make you drink tea with me while I attack the mountain of dishes, though.

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