A friend has suddenly…

A friend has suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from cancer. This has been a truly terrible week. The week ends on Saturday, right? I'm ready to be done now.

Wednesday I learned of a death in the extended family; Thursday I booked tickets and ran around buying black clothing, because, as it turns out, it's been over a decade since my last funeral, and I didn't have anything appropriate. Friday I was supposed to fly out; my flight was cancelled due to weather, and I wasn't able to attend the funeral. I didn't learn about the cancellation until I was at the airport, and spent a frustrating hour trying to get on another flight out, but in the end, they were all cancelled. I came home in a cab, through rush hour traffic, and arrived miserably nauseated, and just generally miserable. I said to Kevin as I collapsed on the foyer bench, "Well, at least I'm prepared for the next funeral." He said something like, "Hopefully you won't need that anytime soon." I wearily agreed. And now this.

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