It’s not so easy…

It's not so easy throwing a Valentine's tea party when you've sworn off sugar, white flour, and alcohol for the month! I'm working on a menu, with the premise that there will be a few sweet things that I just won't eat. I'm planning (hoping) there will be enough savory things that I'm not too tempted.

Okay for me:
- devilled eggs
- red salad (
- Greek yogurt with strawberries
- multigrain cheese scones
- shrimp appetizer? ( -- might be too fussy / time-consuming)
- pepperoni heart multigrain pizza (for later, if anyone's still around at dinnertime)
- tea

Not okay for me, but on menu:
- cucumber sandwiches
- white chocolate-stuffed raspberries
- chocolate covered strawberries
- popcorn with pink chocolate drizzle
- lace heart cookies:
- wine

Other themed-yet-healthy suggestions are welcome. (Healthy as defined by diet above, for the moment. :-) Your definition of healthy food may, of course, vary!

6 thoughts on “It’s not so easy…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Sumana, I have no idea. 🙂 I’m not very good at frying, so I don’t think I’ll attempt it.

    Leah, thanks!

  2. If you have a good metal cookie cutter, heart-shaped slices of pear and apple are always good (cook down the leftover pieces for applesauce/pearsauce), as are heart-shaped slices of cheddar cheese.

    I’ve always liked how stars and hearts look together, so you could slice up some starfruit as well.

  3. Last night I did the red salad for 44 (quantities approximate, feta optional, and I added raspberries). It was gorgeous and very popular 🙂

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