Day 3 of the no-sugar,…

Day 3 of the no-sugar, no-white (pasta/bread/rice), no-alcohol diet. I actually feel weird calling it a diet, since I'm not counting calories or doing this to lose weight (although admittedly, if I do drop a few pounds, I won't complain). But the goal is just to eat more healthily, and also see if I feel better, more energetic, this way. And to break the habit I picked up over the holidays of eating a bit of candy or cake after every meal! And sometimes in between.

So far, not bad. I've definitely wanted sugar, esp. at that after-meal moment, which I think I've conditioned myself into expecting at this point. I've been allowing myself as much fruit as I wanted, which means I ate a pint of berries yesterday + a banana, which is WAY more fruit than I'm used to getting. I don't actually think it's an unreasonable amount overall. We're going to have to increase our fruit budget if I keep eating this way.

And probably our budget overall, since starch is cheap. And while I'm still having starch (multigrain pasta, multigrain bread, Sri Lankan red rice, which is like brown rice but a little different in flavor and cooks faster), I just don't like it as well as the white stuff, so I use it differently and eat less of it. Which means more meat and veggies and cheese, all of which cost more.

Hm. I kind of wish I knew exactly how much more, because this is part of why we have an obesity epidemic in America, right? Because poor people often don't have good access to healthy food, and/or can't afford it. I wonder how much fruit the government food stamps allowance will stretch to, for a family of four. I wonder if they could afford to do this diet, if they wanted to.

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