We’re going to be giving…

We're going to be giving a $750 class-based grant through the SLF this coming year, and for at least two years to follow, thanks to a generous donation. This is aimed at SF/F writers coming from a working-class background.

I'll be working on fine-tuning the language on all of that in the next few weeks, so you'll probably see some more discussion of exactly what we mean by that. But I wanted to put it out there that if anyone else is interested in sponsoring this grant, I'd be very happy to have us offer more than one of them each year.

For my sanity, I'd need to keep it at the same funding level, so if you're interested in donating $750 towards this grant, please do drop me a line, either here or (preferably) through e-mail to maryanne.mohanraj@gmail.com. For just one year is fine, although if you're willing to commit to multiple years, that is, of course, awesome.


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