Allison invited us over…

Allison invited us over to make Valentine t-shirts with her daughter Daniella. Much fun! Kavi and I stencilled two shirts each! V. easy, inexpensive project: plain t-shirts, some fabric paint (a dollar or so per color), a pack of doilies, some newspaper, and a glue stick (so the doily doesn't shift while you're dabbing paint on). Alli had to hunt a bit for the doilies in stores, but there seem to be lots online. It was an easy project for a five-year-old to do, if you don't mind a bit of smudging. And I really love how my two came out -- I did one grey t-shirt with a white stencil on it, and one white shirt where I used three colors of pink (light-to-dark) to create an ombre effect with two hearts. (One color was even sparkly. :-) Maybe five minutes of work per shirt, plus a bit of set-up time? Funfun.

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