Starting tomorrow (Mon),…

Starting tomorrow (Mon), no sugar, no white (rice / bread / pasta), no alcohol. Until 2/28. Kate Elliott and I are betting $100 that we can make it through. Anyone else want to join us? Honor system.

The goal (for me) is to see if I feel better when I get processed sugar out of my system. In general, I'm still planning to eat multigrain bread and possibly pasta, but also less of it and more vegetables and fruit than I usually get. I'm allowing myself brown sugar, honey, etc., but again, not a lot of it. Ditto juice. It's going to be a savory month. :-) I don't know how hard this would be for vegetarians / vegans; there will be a fair bit of meat in my diet.

I'm doing some menu-planning now for the week, it looks something like this (trying to basically eat the way I normally eat, just subbing in some things):

breakfasts: eggs, multigrain toast, fruit
lunches: grilled fish, soups, salads

Mon: Sri Lankan red rice, kale salad, pork curry
Tues: leftovers + cauliflower curry
Wed: steak & salad
Thurs: Thai yellow curry chicken, green beans, quinoa
Fri: leftovers
Sat: beef stew with carrots, potatoes (no bread)
Sun: leftovers

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  1. Hey Mary Anne,

    Do you know about stevia? its a sugar substitute, organic, get it in health food stores. It can be in liquid concentrate form or a “one to one” powdered form. Its completely natural, actually works in Indian food recipes that call for sugar or jaggery. And because of it natural “magical” powers it doesn’t raise your body’s glycemic levels (or some such naturopath type talk.)

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