Signed up Jaggery to use…

Signed up Jaggery to use Submittable (aka Submishmash). I used it this morning to submit to Interfictions; very clean, easy-to-use system. (Their usability motto: Can a poet use it? Hm.) It's not free (okay, there's a free version, but insufficient to our staff needs), but I think it'll make both the submitters lives and the editors lives a lot simpler. We'll see how it goes.

(And yes, you haven't heard about Jaggery for a while -- the start of the semester slammed me. But I'm back on it, and we really do expect to open to submissions soon. Watch this space for guidelines. :-)

P.S. I'm sleepy. There should have been some apostrophes in that. :-) Good thing I'm not the copyeditor.

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