Have I told you about my…

Have I told you about my lazy curry practice? I did this all through grad school while living alone. It goes like this:

Sun: make big pot of meat curry (45 min), eat with rice.
Mon: make a curried vegetable (20 min), eat fresh veg. curry, leftover meat, leftover rice.
Tues: make a curried vegetable (20 min), eat fresh veg., leftover veg, and a bit of leftover meat, leftover rice.
Wed: make another big pot of meat curry, eat with leftover veg and fresh rice.

Repeat endlessly. I like it because you get something fresh every night, and the meal itself is constantly changing, and you're never spending too long cooking. If I make enough, I usually eat the leftovers for breakfasts and/or lunches too. :-)

Obviously, not everyone can tolerate as much curry as I can. :-)

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  1. Hah! Sounds very much like what my mother did when I was little. It also has the advantage that there is a variety of things to choose from if you have picky eaters that you are trying to serve as well (they may get a plate of nothing but potatoes, but they won’t starve). The other trick if you want to freshen up leftover curry is to cut up a tomato and throw it in, or squirt some lemon juice over it. The acidity seems to help brighten the dish, although I think curry is better the day after you cook it anyways. 🙂

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