The garden in January…

The garden in January (indoors). :-)

I've been trying to make my home office a more pleasurable space to work in. I already had this tray and the old orchids that I was hoping would rebloom someday. I added stones to the bottom of the tray, and potted up some new little plants. They keep my gargoyle good company. Coppery plant mister from Target, by Smith & Hawken; I love their design.

The pink flower is a kalanchoe; not sure of the purple. But I do love the color/texture combo.

I never had much luck with African violets the previous times I've had them, but a week in, these seem to be happy. Maybe more moisture is the key?

Trader Joe's had hyacinths this weekend; I couldn't resist. They fill our master bath with scent, stretching out into the hallway and even to the library. Love. We always get a lot of hyacinths here, because one of Kavya's middle names is Jacintha, after my mother, a form of hyacinth. She knows it's HER flower. I hope Anand doesn't complain someday that he doesn't have a flower. He does have a middle name of McLeod, which comes with a couple varieties of tartan; hopefully that will contain him.

I found this terrarium on clearance in the basement of Marshall Fields many years ago; I miss that store. The orchid just barely fits. The variety of small terrarium sized plants are from Gethsemane; it can be hard to find tiny plants, but that garden store is pretty reliable.

I started my paperwhites and amaryllis late this year, but I can't complain, because it's so lovely to have blooming greenery in the depths of January. I would have been depressed at taking all the Christmas decorations down, if I didn't have the gardening to cheer me up.

My hibiscus is repotted, and is happier, I think -- it's blooming more, and putting out new leaves, finally, after a long, sad, scarce set of months. But it also has a few new yellow leaves; I'm not sure why. It was just (finally) fertilized. Any suggestions on what else it might need (more water, less water, something else?) very appreciated.

This is a fig tree, which I may be able to plant outdoors in the spring. I THINK I bought the Chicago Hardy variety, but I have to confirm that. If so, it should survive Chicago winters, if planted in a sheltered spot. If not, it's going to need a bigger pot soon. From Logee's tropical plants.

Not a great shot, I'm afraid -- the lighting didn't cooperate. But I do have a jasmine there, a peace lily, a Christmas cactus (none of which are blooming right now), two limes, an aloe (I think?), and my treasure, a large curry leaf plant, which I cook from often.

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