Hey, I meant to mention…

Hey, I meant to mention a nice thing from class the other day. As I was wrapping up my 400-level class, going over some class procedures as they put on their coats and packed up their bags, I said something like, "I'm planning to add those readings to Blackboard by the end of the day, but please do feel free to drop me an e-mail and remind me about it. I'm 41 now, and I really have turned into the classic absent-minded professor." And they all laughed, which was good (and expected), but then one of the female students said, "Hey, you look really good for 41!" sounding quite surprised. So that was nice. :-) I credit my life of sin.

1 thought on “Hey, I meant to mention…”

  1. “I credit my life of sin.”

    I trust you told the student this. But, come to think of it. whjat exactly is sin?? Maybe you are wrong in your assessment.

    Unless you consider ‘sin’ to mean spending your professional time on something besides topology, of course!

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