So, here’s the thing….

So, here's the thing. I'd like to learn to draw. I have a how-to book, and I'll take lessons when I have time. In the meantime, I'm just fiddling with it. I had this idea that I would try to draw something every day, but it's January 12th, and I've only managed three things so far, and the third isn't even finished yet. But still, I'm sort of pleased that I've done that much, at least. And they're not terrible, I think. I mean, they're not good, but they're at least sort of recognizably what they're supposed to be. They're all done with watercolor pencils so far.

The first was a sketch of Kavya, the second a still life of a tulip (much of the light color detail disappeared on scanning), and the third is just a fantasy image from my head (still need to figure out how to texture the trees, and maybe add more buildings? something below? not sure). Comments welcome, especially if they are helpful. :-) Don't be mean, people -- I'm a total beginner!

(Wow, I'm apparently very anxious about my ability to draw. Just look at all those caveats...)

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  1. I’ve taken many art classes and done a lot of drawings and paintings. The best piece of advice I got is to just keep creating. You will develop your own style.

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