We’re moving Anand to a…

We're moving Anand to a new preschool; he starts tomorrow. In part this is because the new school is much closer (two blocks walk away, instead of twelve blocks drive). In part because our favorite teacher quit last year, followed by three other teachers, all, we believe, over conflicts with the administration. That's not a good sign. And as a last and final note, because of a recent conversation that made clear that the administration is not as liberal as we'd hoped and expected, living in this area; specifically, there was a derogatory remark re: little boys playing princess dress-up. It shocked me.

Oak Park and its environs are something of a liberal bastion in terms of population (very diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, class, and sexual orientation) and general attitudes, at least so far as you can tell from casual conversations. But every once in a while something happens that reminds you that homophobia, racism, etc. are not dead here. Not yet. It makes me sad. And it's sad to feel like we need to move Anand from the school where he and Kavya spent two largely happy years. But I don't think I could keep walking in the door and smiling at the administrator, or that I could peacefully walk out again, leaving my small son in her hands.

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