My big accomplishment…

My big accomplishment for yesterday was cleaning out and reorganizing the pantry. It was rather desperately needed. I spent the rest of the day reading books, playing video games, and playing Legos with Kavya. Today, I'm aiming to mop the kitchen floor (our Xmas party resulted in some juice spillage), deal with the backlog on Jaggery e-mails, and possibly finish cleaning out my study. Other than that -- read more books, play more video games, and play more Legos with Kavya sounds just about right. Kevin's parents are arriving this afternoon for a week-long visit, which is also awesome. How great is it that I really like them? I am lucky.

I am trying to make a rule that every time I check in on the progress of my farm in Farmville, I have to also answer 3-5 e-mails. We'll see how it goes. :-)

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