Morning after Christmas,…

Morning after Christmas, Legos rule. These are part of the Lego Friends sets (Kavi has three now, the treehouse, inventor's workshop, and Olivia's house). She can help me follow the instructions and assemble them, but Anand tends to pull them apart again. I'm still trying to figure out where we can keep them that a) she can play with them, but b) he won't pull them apart. But ah well -- she's happy to just build new things on her own with the set, even if they don't end up as complex as what the instructions would create. Mostly Kavi does a lot of pretend play -- Olivia feeds her cat, and goes to work at the inventor's workshop, and rides her horse, and plays with her friends. So in that sense, it's more like dolls than anything else. But Kavi does build some, and it's more fun for me to play Legos with her than dolls. :-)

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