I don’t have resolutions…

I don't have resolutions yet. But some things that are frustrating me about my life right now:

  • the e-mail backlog is stressing me the hell out. Must just buckle down and deal with it.
  • I have this bizarre anxiety about drawing, but I would really like to learn. Maybe committing to drawing daily would help, as a way to take down the anxiety level? You would think after twenty years as a working writer, I would know how to handle this sort of thing, but I feel like I'm starting from total scratch on drawing, somehow
  • speaking of writing, finish the SF book, start the mystery, and when I have a big chunk of time to process, do a deep revision on the memoir
  • exercise regularly. Daily would be good.
  • try to make more time to enjoy my family
  • empty and organize the basement (the last stage of unpacking after our move here, a year and a half ago)
Other than that, life is actually pretty grand. How about you?

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