Dec 22, 1995: “Well….

Dec 22, 1995: "Well. No promises on this one, but I thought I'd try a diary, since I've really enjoyed reading some other ones I've found on the net. I'm not planning to include really personal stuff, but I did think some of you might enjoy reading about what's going on in my life currently. I warn you that it's entirely possible that it'll just putter out at some point -- that's what seems to happen every time I try to keep a diary."

Seventeen years and counting. When I first started blogging, we didn't even have that word; they were called online diaries, back in the early days. People thought I was weird, posting details of my life in public on the internet -- if they even knew the internet existed at all. Someone even told me that only someone with a mental disorder would do such a thing. I think I get the last laugh on that one. :-)

If you have any interest in the history of the form, the Online Diary History Project is a good place to start.

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