Thurs: play…


  • play Farmville (okay, that wasn't on my to-do list, but it's what I spent three hours doing this morning; I guess it falls under relax :-) -- DONE
  • clear my office
  • finish sewing Amma's present
  • wrap and mail Amma and Daddy's present
  • find picture wire and hang tea photo

  • print photos (Australia, princess)
  • Home Depot run
  • play board games and/or see a movie with Kevin
  • clear paint cans and boxes out of basement section, so Kev can more brewing stuff in
  • finish putting together Kev's family's presents
  • buy stocking gifts
  • wrap the kids' and Kevin's gifts
  • do craft at Kavi's school party
  • clean yard before temperature really drops


  • writing date with Lori
  • hang another batch of holiday cards
  • bake another batch of sugar cookies (they were popular, and are gone!)
  • plan Christmas Eve menu with Kevin
  • take a bubble bath!
  • rest and relax!
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