This is just a brief…

This is just a brief note to say that while the new SF Kickstarter book is done, I'm not going to get it out by Christmas, as I'd hoped. Because 'done' is a strange thing, with a book. I finished a full draft a month or so ago, and had it workshopped by my local writing group, and they gave me some notes for revision, and I've almost finished implementing those revisions, so I could send it to you tomorrow, most probably. (So if any of you are DYING to read it, drop me a line, and I will happily send you the current version, which does go all the way to the end.)

But on the other hand, I've realized that this is a lot faster than my usual process, which typically involves a few rounds of revision, and seeking feedback from a variety of people with the text in different stages, and this is probably more writerly detail than any of you care about, but the upshot of it all is that I'll be far more certain that I'm giving you the best possible version of this book if I take a little more time on it, and show it to a few more critical sets of eyes. (Next time I try to fund a book through Kickstarter, maybe saying I'll finish it in two years, instead of one, would be a more reasonable goal. :-)

So thank you for your patience, and I hope you can be happy with me that the end result of all this should be pretty good. It still feels very early for me to say this, but at least in this moment, I'm feeling quite happy with this book. Which is perhaps all that any writer can hope for.

NOTE: please do pre-order if you'll be wanting a print edition, since those are quite limited.

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