I just sent a brief note…

I just sent a brief note to my daughter's kindergarten teacher, just saying that I thought it was probably a rough day for teachers across the country, and to hang in there. It's not rational, of course, but I think it must still be hard to walk back into the classroom after reading about Sandy Hook. I doubt she'll have kids asking about it in her class; they're too young, and I'm guessing their parents have mostly shielded them from the news. (We certainly haven't discussed it with ours, ages 5 and 3). But teachers of older kids may have to have some difficult conversations with students, in addition to having their own sadness to process. So esp. to any elementary school teachers reading this, hang in there. Tomorrow will be better.

3 thoughts on “I just sent a brief note…”

  1. I have read about some schools, mostly on the east coast, having all-school assemblies to address the tragedy, and certainly kids with older siblings may be talking about it, so you might want to gently address it with your kids before their peers do.

    I know that it was a big aha moment for me when my older son was in kindergarten – a lot of his peers were the *younger* sibling (funny how we get tunnel vision, especially about our oldest!!) so those kids came to school spouting all sorts of stuff that our fairly sheltered oldest had no exposure to, from movies & video games to pop culture. Now that our youngest is in kindergarten, we’re on the flip side of that.

    Our state had all the flags lowered to half staff this weekend, so we took the opportunity to briefly mention what had happened (skimming over the details quite a lot) & reminding the kids (ages 6 & 7) that the most important thing in any emergency is to do what the teachers/adults say.

    Our older son volunteered that they have “code yellow” and “code red” lockdown drills at school, as well as tornado & fire drills. We have kept them entirely shielded from the TV news, so they won’t see any of the images if we can have anything to do with it.

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