Hey. Do you like my…

Hey. Do you like my writing? Would you like to tell me that, or just say hi, in a less digital form?

Back when I first started writing and publishing online, I used to have my address up on my site, with a note saying that I love getting postcards from fans. I got hundreds of awesome postcards over the course of a year or two, including one from a scientist in Antarctica, and several from soldiers posted abroad during Desert Storm. Most just wrote a line or two, although a few somehow squeezed in paragraphs. I LOVED them.

I'm not sure why I ever took that note down -- I'm going to put it back up on my site. Because I saved all those cards, and I look at them sometimes, esp. when I'm feeling discouraged about my writing (as writers do). Sometimes I think about making an art project out of them, or papering the walls of my office with them. I think I particularly like the card form, over e-mail, because while I also love getting fan letters via e-mail, I feel like I ought to write back, and while I'd like to write back, I have oh, 600+ pieces of e-mail already waiting for me to respond to, so the e-mail guilt, it gets a little overwhelming. Whereas when a postcard arrives in the mail, there's no obligation, no expectation of response.

Anyway, this is all a very long-winded way of saying that if you feel like sending me a nice postcard or a holiday card, I will read it very happily. And not write back. :-)

Mary Anne Mohanraj
Serendib House
332 Wisconsin Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302

(No, I'm not worried about putting my address up here. Due to my being involved with various organizations in a board member, etc. capacity, and doing business from home, my address is extremely visible online already. That ship has sailed, so do not fret. And yes, I named my house. :-) Because I'm goofy that way.)

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