Last night, I was having…

Last night, I was having a party, and one of my aunts brought over this giant industrial mixer, literally half as big as my body, and set it up on my counter. She was quite superior about the fact that I didn't already have one, and I kept saying, "But where would I put it?" She seemed to think the living room would do fine for mixer storage. We were mixing something, I'm not sure what, and the guests were arriving, and nothing was done. Yes, this was a dream. And yes, I spent two hours pinning fancy cookie recipes on Pinterest yesterday, why do you ask?

Also, I'm making sugar cookies now. A half-batch (because this recipe makes a lot) of these awesome cookies. I love this recipe.

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  1. Sumana Harihareswara

    I initially read this as “a giant industrial mirror” which totally made sense to me. (I don’t have that many mirrors in my home, especially large ones.)

    Mixers in the living room! Kind of an antipodean pub aesthetic?

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