I was feeling really…

I was feeling really frustrated because I've accomplished nothing today. I mean crazy frustrated, want to bang my head against a wall frustrated. Kevin pointed out that I went into campus, taught two classes, came home, picked up the kids, fed them and us dinner, and after a slight break, helped him put them to bed. BUT BUT BUT, I wailed, I have a metric ton of e-mail waiting for me, and I've entered the guilt phase which means I don't even want to look at it (please note, for those anxiously waiting, that I do have DEAL WITH E-MAIL scheduled for all of tomorrow's workday, and nothing else, eight solid hours of e-mail power responding), and also I have not written any fiction in dog's years. (Um, I haven't written in a week or two, actually, and I made the very sensible decision that it was fine to wait on writing until my semester ends this Friday, but apparently, my subconscious has decided to stop taking dictation from my conscious and just freak the hell out anyway).

So then I convinced Kevin to go to the basement with me and help me haul this shelving unit (http://tinyurl.com/asw74dv) out of its box so that I could spend fifteen minutes setting it up, and then I set it up, and then I moved all my gardening crap onto it, so that a tiny corner of our desperately disastrous basement is now beautifully organized and I feel like I've actually accomplished something today. Thank you Target, and thank you Kevin, and thank you subconscious for finally shutting up for five minutes.

Although I still think I'd feel better if I did a load of the kids' laundry before bed. BOTH of them had accidents today, argh, and BOTH of them wore school clothes home because apparently we've gotten behind on having their spare changes at school, and so now I will feel guilty unless I IMMEDIATELY wash the school clothes so I can send them back with them tomorrow morning, along with spare changes, of course. Kevin does family laundry too, but he is less plagued by guilt about such things than I am.

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