Decorating the Tree,…

Decorating the Tree, 2012

Look, I know a lot of these shots are blurry, but the kids were frenzied with excitement, just racing from dining table to tree and back again. And my iPhone is somewhat limited in its camera-abilities. So you get what you get.

I divided the ornaments into piles: fragile (for Mommy to place up high), kid-safe (for them to hang lower down). Kavya then divided the kid pile into hers and Anand's, very fairly for the most part, although she did snag almost all the gold ones (her current favorite color). It worked well!

She was willing to pause for just a moment to have her picture taken.

Mostly, she was very intent on her work, and even made an attempt to hang the ornaments all around the tree, and on different levels.

I was actually surprised that Anand managed to hang almost all of his. (Pretty much all directly in the bottom middle front of the tree, in a big clump. Mommy may obsessively re-hang some of them later.) Three-year-olds are more deft than I'd realized.

Isn't that a cute little cypress tree? Whole Foods, decorated withs some mini-ornaments from Michaels. I do like having living trees about.

And off he goes!

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