Can I just say, I’m so…

Can I just say, I'm so pleased I've finally figured out how to teach The Bone People? I've been intensely frustrated, in previous semesters, that the students often didn't read it, or just got stalled out early on. The mistake I made was trying to do it too fast. This semester, I've allocated a full two weeks, and started them off slow, to give them a chance to get into the book. The discussions are SO MUCH BETTER, detailed and grounded in the text and the issues, and they're actually volunteering the information that they're really liking the book. YAY!

This is one of my perhaps five favorite books EVER, and I was so excited to have the chance to teach it (one of the best perks of my job), and I'm now so glad I've finally figured out to teach it well. Wish I'd figured it out sooner, but oh well. #teachingisaprocess

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