This is a bit random,…

This is a bit random, but a year or so ago, I sketched an Indian moon moth, and the Tamil word 'nilavu' (moon), and uploaded it to Spoonflower as a test fabric. And then promptly forgot all about it. Lo and behold, I stopped back in recently, and discovered someone had sent me a message saying they wanted to buy a yard of it. Neat! I have made it available for purchase, in case anyone else is interested. I think I may get a tiny royalty if it's purchased, but I'm not sure of the details. Mostly, this was just for fun (and out of my frustration with the lack of cute Indian-themed prints for kids' clothing).

It's a very pale print, so please keep that in mind. I recently picked up Heather Ross's book on making fabric (and things with fabric), and I'm sort of hoping some of my relatives will club together this Christmas to get me the relevant tech thing which will let me take a sketch and turn it into a more professional image for printing on fabric. I am a very novice draw-er, but I do find it soothing, so perhaps there will be more of it in my future. Katie Roberts gave me a beginner lesson while I was in Melbourne, and I've taken to actually carrying a sketchbook and pencils with me, which seems like a necessary first step. We'll see where it goes. Possibly nowhere! :-)

Indian Moon Moth

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