It’s not weird to start…

It's not weird to start a sewing project at 8:45 p.m., right? The kids are long asleep, Kevin is working late (faculty dinner), I'm not sleepy, and there's a tv with Hulu in the basement where the sewing equipment lives (I got very behind on shows while travelling). I mean, it all sounds reasonable, but also, in some way, a recipe for disaster. Like, I'm secretly seriously tired, and will somehow manage to stick my finger with the sewing machine needle, requiring dragging the children out of their beds so Mommy can go to the emergency room. Or, alternatively, while I'm in the basement working away, with the tv on, someone will break into the house, go upstairs, and abduct the children and I won't even notice. Okay, now I'm going to go recheck that all the doors are locked. Why do I spook myself this way??? We really need to get some drywall up in the basement, and maybe a few rugs on the concrete, so it doesn't feel so serial-killer-ish down there.

Project finished, took 45 minutes, just about one episode of Beauty and the Beast. No major injuries, Kevin's safely home, going to go make sure children not abducted (although lack of broken glass near exterior doors seems to imply they're fine), and then, my darlings, to bed. Or possibly to watch Parenthood. Why am I so wired, when I am also so tired?

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