Belated Autumn…

Belated Autumn Decor

Whoops -- somehow forgot to post these, and today I'm taking it all down in prep for Christmas. Ah well. A few details from our house this autumn.

I don't know why this little guy makes me grin, but he does. The kids like playing with him. To the left, a scarf for me (endless, it feels like), an afghan for my sister and brother-in-law, started oh, at least a year ago. Maybe this Christmas, maybe not. :-)

Glass pumpkins look awfully pretty with a tea light glowing inside.

Hello, hedgehog!

One little, two little, three little pumpkins.

The wood utensils stay year round, but the silicone ones change color with the season.

At $5 a pop, these Anthropologie bowls offer awesome pops of color. I also change these with the seasons -- my goal is to collect at least twenty of them long term, so I can have soup parties. :-)

The little ceramic berry basket and mini bowls are also from Anthro, and also super useful. The mini bowls are $20 for 8, I think; they're great for giving my kids a little bowl of frozen peas to snack on, for example.

The owl is our corkscrew year round, but looks particularly seasonal right now.

Ellie with orange, purple, and gold. Zip-on cushion covers are great for a fast seasonal change.

Dried seed pods survived from last year.

Love the inscribed writing on this candle.

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