House is clean, huzzah. …

House is clean, huzzah. Still have grading and unpacking to go. Also, I'm apparently mopey enough about missing Thanksgiving, or rather, its food, that I'm making my favorite cornbread-chipotle-sausage stuffing today, to eat with our leftover turkey.

If we're very ambitious today, we might even put together Anand's new big-boy bed, which is waiting in its component parts. On the other hand, I already want to just go to sleep, so perhaps the better part of valor would be to aim smaller. Actually pick up children on time from school. That's a good first step.

7:55: Jet lag hitting hard. Going to stuff some more cornbread stuffing in my mouth and then crawl into bed. Hopefully one more solid night of sleep will bring me back to normal; teaching day tomorrow.

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