Melbourne: Fairfield…

Melbourne: Fairfield Boathouse

Katie suggested tea at the boathouse; we had tea and scones and clotted cream and jam, all delicious. It was incredibly serene there, and while it was hot enough that we didn't take rowboats onto the river, if I lived locally, I think I'd be back often to do just that.

Steps down into an amphitheatre -- how lovely, to go to concerts here, overlooking the Yarra River.

Katie and Karina Roberts. That parasol! Awesome.

Sisterly affection.

Fairfield tea garden and boathouse.

Okay, this photo is because this guy is dispensing clotted cream (!) onto the plate of scones from something that looks like a soft-serve ice cream dispenser. I was just so startled. Don't know if this is common, or if someone here just had a bright idea...

This photo doesn't capture how lovely the view is.

Kirra is just too handsome. I predict trouble. :-)

Love the little finials. Now I'm trying to figure out where on my fence posts I could put finials like those...

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