Y’know, yesterday I saw…

Y'know, yesterday I saw a writer complain online about how much they hate teaching, and how students suck, and a couple writer folks agreed with him, and it's been bugging me ever since. Sure, everyone's entitled to complain occasionally, and every teacher has a difficult student, or a disaster of a class, or just a bad teaching day overall.

But dude, if you just hate teaching, PLEASE go find another day job to support your writing. Teaching is fabulous, students are awesome, and there are a ton of talented, hard-working folks passionate about teaching and desperate to find jobs doing it (yes, even adjunct jobs). Neither they, nor your students, need you standing there in front of the class, completely disengaged and wasting everyone's time.

3 thoughts on “Y’know, yesterday I saw…”

  1. Absolutely! I totally and completely agree. I am also disturbed by high-profile researchers who seem to regard teaching as a necessary evil.

  2. Amen, although some blame should accrue to Universities that value research and publication over teaching. I found that I loved teaching about 10% of students but lacked patience for the rest so I abandoned Academia for crass commerce. I am happier and so I am sure are those who would have been my students.

  3. I must say this drives me crazy, too. I love teaching so so much. I am a writer who teaches by CHOICE, not because of this silly nonsense about teaching being the only way to support writing. These people who hate teaching and still do it, confound me.

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