I keep fantasizing about…

I keep fantasizing about how I would reorganize the Party system for greater clarity, if I were in charge.

a) The Party of Rational, Fact-Based Discourse

b) The Party of the Actual Progressive Left (as opposed to what we currently have, which is barely left of center), aka Those Damn Socialists And Proud of It

c) The Party of Don't Rock the Boat, As Long As I've Got Mine

d) The Party of Keep 'Em Barefoot and Pregnant

e) The Party of The Government Screws Up Everything

Also, I'd like to create The Party of Single Issue Voters and throw them all into it. Or off a bridge or something.

1 thought on “I keep fantasizing about…”

  1. Wonderful! The five-party system! A friend from Canada told me a few weeks ago that she does not understand how a two-party system can work, anyway!

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