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I have a question for Republicans. I would like to see the Republican party split, because I hear an awful lot of Republicans saying that they're not happy with how extreme (in one direction or another) their party is leaning. On the one side, the reactionaries, the ones who think our country is going to hell in an immoral handbasket. On the other side, the socially liberal and fiscally-conservative, what I would call centrist / moderate Republicans.

But, leaving aside the question of whether that could win in the primaries, I find myself unclear on how centrist Republicans would differentiate themselves from centrist Democrats. Is it solely re: economic policies?

If you're a moderate Republican, one who's fine with gay marriage, who doesn't want the government making abortion illegal (even if you may be personally pro-life), who likes electing minorities and women and queers and disabled folks into office, etc. and so on -- if we agree on those liberal policies, I'd really like to know what remains that you consider important Republican issues / values. I'd like to learn.

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  1. I believe one of the fundamental differences is the role of government, with republicans basically thinking it should be minimal (except for military spending) and the democrats believing in more broad social safety nets.

  2. > socially liberal and fiscally-conservative, what I would call centrist / moderate Republicans

    I would call them libertarians. :^)

    (And there’s not necessarily much difference between libertarians who prefer Republicans and libertarians who prefer Democrats.)

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