Just one panel for me…

Just one panel for me for WindyCon this year, which I admit is a relief, given all the recent illness. But if you're in Chicagoland on 11/11:

Sunday, 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.: Gender Parity on Panels: DNA or Something Else?

Gender parity, that is, having exactly the same number of males and females on each panel has become a hot topic lately. One panelist even suggested that he�d give up his place on a panel to any woman in the audience if the panel was �unbalanced.� Is that all it takes to make �balanced� panels�the same number of XX- and XY-chromosomed individuals? What about sexual orientation representation? Minority representation? Political representation? Something we haven�t even thought of yet? Join our panelists for a spirited discussion on gender parity and what it does or does not accomplish.
J. Plaxco, H. Montgomery, L. Zeldes, M. Mohanraj (M)

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