Class / race stuff here,…

Class / race stuff here, have patience with me if I'm being clueless, please.

So, our block has only eight single-family homes on it, I think, and those are mostly older folks without kids at home. The rest of the buildings (also eight or so) are apartment buildings and condos. We weren't sure if we'd get any trick-or-treaters, and we went over (as usual) to our friends Daniel and Anne's Halloween party and went out with their kids in a very busy t&t neighborhood, a few blocks full of single family homes, almost all of which had their porch lights on and someone standing at the door with a big bucket of candy.

But just before we went, and again right after we came back home, we got a bunch of kids coming by our house for candy. About twenty total, in the space of half an hour. Which makes me feel like maybe, as much as I like my friends and enjoy their annual party, I may spend more of next year handing out candy here.

Because here's the other thing -- almost all the kids who came to my door were black; one was Hispanic. And, given the economic breakdown of home ownership in Oak Park, I'm guessing they mostly live in the apartment buildings nearby, and they don't have a lot of options for friendly places to trick or treat. I'd like our house to be one of the places they can safely go, with a goofy brown-skinned woman in a costume hanging out on the porch, and a host of silly Halloween decorations and cheerful lights.

Am I being weird or overly-class-conscious here? Does this make sense to anyone else?

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  1. thanks, I’m crying over my cup of tea. I rarely went tot as a poor, brown kid. my parents didn’t get it or help with costumes or have money to throw at it. I managed something flimsy paper-drawn one year and cheaply bought another. i was super excited to go with friends, but I guess the adults saw through it since the candy was given begrudgingly. and my paranoid mother was always convinced I’d be poisoned. I don’t even like candy, so the whole thing was just a lesson in racism and exclusion on both sides.

  2. I’m a huge fan of trick-or-treating, so I think it’s great that you’ll be giving out more candy next year. I’m sure all the neighborhood kids will appreciate it. I’ve heard that there are trick-or-treat friendly neighborhoods in OP that get tons of kids from all over town, and even some from Chicago. That sounds like a lot of fun to me, though I guess buying candy for 200+ kids could get kind of expensive.

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