I have a cold. It’s…

I have a cold. It's just a cold, but my muscles are all wobbly and my head is this vast echoing monstrosity and DayQuil has done bugger-all to fix it. Which is to say, I am so impressed by single parents, because I had the kids from 3:15 - 5:30 and they were just being little balls of demanding neediness (in other words, normal children) I was just ENDURING until Kevin came home, at which point I handed them off to him and took to my bed. Normally, I'm more the sort to try to power through the sick, but I have to take them on a plane on Thursday to visit my relatives for four days (without Kevin, argh), so coddling my cold and hoping it gets better fast seems the better part of wisdom here. By the time I crawled into the bed, I was hating all three of them, totally irrationally. A couple of hours of rest (and watching Captain America on Netflix) let me recuperate enough that I could go kiss them goodnight and tuck them in, but lord, that was a rotten couple of hours there.

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