Halloween 2012 The…

Halloween 2012

The first of what I hope will be MANY Halloween parties at our new house. :-)

Spooky friends (from Pier 1).

Loved the dark fruit centerpiece. Somber, elegant, delicious. Almost all of it got eaten, too.

You have to have some orange food.

Yarn-wrapped twigs -- cheap and festive!

I love these little candleholders. I think I found them at Whole Foods.

This was hard to take a good picture of -- bat garland, with moon overhead. The kids loved it. From PaperSource as an easy punch-out kit, although if you were skilled with a scissors, you could make it out of construction paper.

I haven't had port in quite a while -- this seemed like a good occasion. But I think I should have shelled out for better stuff -- this looked right, but the taste was mediocre. Ah well.

Cobweb eggs with grey sea salt! (Dyed with blueberries, so totally kid safe, and kid devoured.)

Dessert spread -- black-and-white cookies, chocolate cakes with cherry compote, ghostly strawberries, mini cookies. People were very impressed with the strawberries in particular, which only took about 15 min. to make. Easy!

Blue butterfly girl.

Skeleton in a spinach spread coffin loaf! Ha ha ha!

Guacamole graveyard (with chili lime chips).

Refried bean dip with a sour cream spiderweb (easy with a squirt bottle).

The butterfly encounters the tin woodman.

Their meeting goes well. :-)

Martha Stewart sells these labels through Michael's -- they were a big hit, and they're already on sale. :-)

My neighbors Ron and Liz really commit to their costumes.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane were gracious enough to make an appearance as well!

Broiled bacon-wrapped dates.

Roast beast (beef smoore, from Charmaine Solomon's Complete Asian Cookbook, a big hit).

Stirred zombie brains (curried leeks).

Fowl Play (my friend Samanthi brought some delicious chicken curry).

It Came From the Sea (shrimp saag).

Orange Fingernails (curried carrots).

Fiery Black Pig (pork vindaloo)

Gak! (That's a Klingon reference there, for my beet curry.)

Lori brought samosas!

Too dark for a good photo! But we had glow sticks, which amply entertained the kids for a long time, once it got dark enough.

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